Trends in Telecom

The buzz on ‘Cloud Computing’

What’s the hottest IT trend today? Many IT professionals will tell you it’s cloud computing – utilizing a third party service to perform computing needs over the internet.

Cloud computing and related applications will benefit companies that are presently paying for expensive software and upgrades. Users have the option of accessing cloud applications, often without many of the traditional capital expenditures.

If your destination is cloud computing, 52Eighty can help you reach your destination. Contact us to find out more.

Wireless Solutions

With 52Eighty, you'll have access to one of the world's most connected networks and a shared infrastructure that offers a broader platform for connectivity. With our combined solutions, we can provide you with more competitive options to backhaul wireless traffic and expand your network as your end-user demand continues to grow.


Turn-key solutions to anchor tenant customers looking to lease space on one of our fiber optic connected towers. As a customer, our team will work closely with you to design and construct the tower to your exact specifications.


On established 52Eighty towers, we provide non-achor tenants the most competitive co-location leasing plans in the industry.

Development and Maintenance

We provide customers with complete site planning, development, and project management, as well as property maintenance services.